tips for a safe fourth of july

Tips for a Safe Fourth of July

​Fireworks can be incredibly scary to dogs and cats. Make sure your pets are safely indoors and be there to comfort them while fireworks are being set off. Play the TV or radio to try and drown out the noise from the fireworks. You can also try a Thundershirt to help your dog or cat […]

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how to prepare my dog for a new baby

How To Prepare My Dog For A New Baby

​How To Prepare My Dog For A New BabyAre you going to have a baby soon? Obviously, the excitement of the experience is beyond words and you would be planning a number of things. However, one thing most mothers-to-be don’t consider is preparing their dog for the new baby. As you would know, dogs can […]

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can feral kittens become domesticated

Can Feral Kittens Become Domesticated?

​Can feral kittens become domesticated?​YES! YES! YES! I have domesticated a number of feral kittens myself and know many others who have domesticated many, many more.They say that as long as you can get them inside and work on socialization by the time the kitten is 12 weeks old, you should be fine.However, if you […]

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teach puppy not to bite

How To Teach A Puppy Not To Bite

Puppies are the absolute cutest! Ok, so are kittens, but right now we’re talking about puppies <3 One of the main issues I hear from people who have puppies is that they don’t know how to teach them that biting is inappropriate. This is becoming more of a problem for people because of how early […]

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fatty liver disease in cats

Fatty Liver Disease in Cats

Fatty Liver Disease | Hepatic Lipidosis What is hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease)? It means there has been an inappropriate infiltration of fat into the liver. This occurs in cats – especially obese cats – who stop eating for a few days or have a dramatic decrease in caloric intake. Although treatable, if left untreated […]

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