cat drinking out of faucet

Why Does My Cat Drink Out Of The Faucet?

You’ve got water bowls down all over the house but your cat wants you to turn the sink on for her to drink … why is that?Cats instinctively prefer running water sources, and who can blame them since out in the wild standing water can harbor all sorts of disease and infestation.In addition to still […]

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DIY Paw Salve for Dogs and Cats

DIY Paw Salve for Dogs & Cats

DIY Paw SalveThe cold weather can be rough on your pets paw pads which can lead to cracks and bleeding. If left untreated this can also lead to infection. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to help keep your dog (or cats) paws happy and healthy!What you’ll need: 6 - 1 oz tins double boiler (or […]

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Can You Keep A Dog Outside?

    This is unfortunately a controversial topic in America and the world probably. We still have some people in America who thinks that it is okay to leave their dogs outside all the time or even chained up outside. There are some areas of the country fortunately who have tether laws who you can’t leave […]

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Cat Play – The Right Toys

Playing with your cat is essential to a happy, healthy feline and a household that peacefully co-exists. But playing with your furry feline friend shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun . . . for the both of you! Play time with your cat should mimic hunting in the wild and you may be […]

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