cat behavior

Cat Behavior

Cat Behavior Cats are considered illusive and mysterious animals. However, if you pay a little attention they are ready to reveal all the mysteries. They are sociable animals that have plenty to offer to humans. Felis Catus is the Latin name of your feline friend. The domestic or feral cat is a small carnivorous mammal […]

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The Benefit of L-lysine for Cats

The Benefit of L-lysine for Cats Does Your Cat Need L-Lysine and Why? What is L-Lysine? L-Lysine, also referred to as Cat Lysine, is an amino acid that supports antibody, enzyme and hormone production as well as tissue repair and collagen formation. Perfect for senior cats, boarding kittens and multi-cat households, it is used for […]

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dog behavior

Dog Behavior

Dog is not only man’s best friend, he is also the oldest. Dogs were the first animals ever to be domesticated, and have been living in human societies for over 10,000 years. The dogs we know and love today most likely diverged some 40,000 years ago from an extinct wolf-like creature. We have selectively bred […]

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dogs body language

Reading Your Dogs Body Language

Reading Your Dogs Body Language Do you ever wonder what goes on in the head of your beloved dog? Dogs are smart and expressive animals. They may not have the gift of speech but it does not mean they do not communicate with the world around them. Through many different gestures, postures and sounds, they […]

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